Endocytobiosis and Cell Research (online journal), an international research journal and organ of the “International Society of Endocytobiology” (ISE), launched the first issue in 1984. The journal was founded to publish information on evolutionary biology, symbiosis research and cell biology. The journal offers a communication forum for (micro)biologists, bioinformatics, biophysicists, biochemists, geneticists, medical scientists, veterinary researchers, and molecular biologists that are concerned with the origin, development, differentiation, evolution and phylogeny of endosymbioses and cell research (including endocytoparasitism) in the context of the eukaryotic cell.

The editorial board ensures an efficient, fast and transparent review process for all submitted manuscripts. Over the last year the manuscript has adapted a modern publication layout and new sections have been launched in order to make the journal more attractive for a broader range of readers. The web portal has been restructured and now emphasizes on the new sections.